why handmade?

in considering yet another craft fair at holiday time in hot springs, we decided that a crucial missing element of many local fairs was the high-quality, carefully considered handmade item.  we want to change that.

we hope to bring a modern sensibility to the craft fair - to encourage the thoughtful use of quality materials - of recycled and natural items - in order to make something new and fresh.  this is a juried fair and our selection committee has chosen the makers of interesting, dynamic goods to bring to the public on november 14th.  we have a great mix of goods on offer - from handmade books to jewelry to handmade soap, candles and pottery.

we believe in the power of acting locally - we believe we create our community.  we have reached into the sometimes untapped talent all around us. we believe in our artists and what they bring to our fair.  we're lucky to have a mix of young, start-up artists as well as more seasoned, established vendors.  we think we have begun something special. we hope to see you at the artchurch on saturday, november 14th.

briana & heather